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5 beauty tips to get ready for the summer

By Web Marketing EME|31 May 2017|

With the imminent arrival of summer you need to pay more attention to the health of our body. There are no special tricks or secrets to prepare for the best at the arrival of the summer, but only the little chances to follow to get ready. In this article we will suggest 5 steps to prepare your body to the best of the costume test.

How do you measure the results

By Web Marketing EME|06 July 2015|

What are the effects of treatments on your clients? Measuring the effectiveness of the treatments is essential to satisfy the customers of beauty center. Treatment after treatment is necessary to monitor the improvement and eventually adjust of the parameters of execution.

Cellulite: an integrated approach to fight it

By Web Marketing EME|05 May 2015|

How to fight cellulite at the table? How to fight cellulite doing physical activity? What can beauty center do to eliminate the cellulite? Read more...

The Column of the beauty specialist

By Web Marketing EME|21 February 2014|

Here is the section of Beauty Specialist! Our Beauty will answer all your doubts and questions! Comment and you will be answered!

Learn to fight cellulite!

By Web Marketing EME|26 January 2013|

Cellulite is an aesthetic problem that affects mostly women. Find out how it develop and what are its different stages. If you treat cellulite at first signs, you will be more likely to defeat it.