With the imminent arrival of summer you need to pay more attention to the health of our body.
There are no special tricks or secrets to prepare for the best at the arrival of the summer, but only the little chances to follow to get ready. In this article we will suggest 5 steps to prepare your body to the best of the costume test.

1. The first point, crucial to the success of everything else, is definitely to have an eye for nutrition. “We are what we eat,” said the philosopher Feuerbach; Food affects all aspects of our lives and our body, so it is advisable to eat a lot of fruit, possibly in season, as it is rich in nutrients and water, avoiding sugars and carbohydrates which have, however, innumerable unsaturated, difficult fat To digest and dispose of for our body.

2. Hydration is fundamental, it is advisable to drink at least 2 liters of water per day but beware, the higher the outside temperature, the more water needed. Proper hydration is the basis for a smooth and velvety skin texture.

3. Eating well and drinking properly will not only benefit our skin but also our hair, another part of the body to be protected and cured in anticipation of salt and UV rays.
Fundamental to hair health are vitamins A, B2, B4, B5, H and the iron that can be found in many foods such as fish, legumes, peas, liver and yeast or, if necessary, can be assimilated through dietary supplements specific.

4. Fundamental rule: You can not test yourself without a careful depilation. Today’s aesthetic technology has evolved and the waxing is slowly losing its leardeship in favor of epilation laser technology like EPIL EVO. This technology has remarkable plus, is more effective and less painful than waxing, allowing the aesthetist to work directly on the hair bulb by dipping it down and decreasing future regrowth. In addition, this treatment is faster and more effective than “older” pulsed light technology, without forgetting that laser can be performed on all phototypes and even in summer, since sun exposure can already be 2 / 3 days after treatment.

5. Last but not least: the definition of the silhouette. Even in this case, aesthetic technologies help us, such as acoustic wave technology (AWS MED and Sculpture EVO), one of the most innovative and powerful technologies currently used in the body contouring field. This technology allows you to remodel body shapes, counteracting cellulite blemishes and localized adiposities.
The results are immediately visible and will be even more apparent if treatments are accompanied by physical activity and proper nutrition.