On 30th April we had the opportunity to present our technology Aws Med (Medical Acoustic Wave) at the Centre Sofia Bensouda in Casablanca (Morocco).

AWS Med is an acoustic wave technology for medical-aesthetic treatments with medical certification. It features many therapy protocols both for men and women, for different aesthetic problems, like cellulite, water retention, stretch marks and adiposity. Moreover, AWS Med technology features 32 physiotherapy protocols.


Conferenza stampa AWS Med 6

Cinzia Pacini, EME Estetica’s Sales Manager, with the team of the Centre Sofia Bensouda

Thanks to the willingness and the hospitality of the Centre Sofia Bensouda, which is very important in the Moroccan scenario, the day turned into more than a simple presentation. Under the watchful eyes of journalists from the most important Moroccan newspapers, our team performed the training of the present audience, including many young women. Furthermore, explanation was always followed by a demonstration of the numerous effects that Aws Med technology produces: more compact and toned tissues, decrease of stretch marks, elimination of toxins, etc.

Conferenza stampa AWS Med 5

Cinzia Pacini, EME Estetica’s Sales Manager, with Sofia Bensouda

This day was a great opportunity for us of EME Estetica since we are always attentive to train and involve our audience and customers. Beyond our personal opinions, what really matters is having left a mark in the Moroccan scenario for future days so great and exciting.

Plurielle, a very famous Moroccan magazine, dedicates an article to our technology and to the day spent in collaboration with the Centre Sofia Bensouda, by stating that:

“Grande nouveauté au centre Sofia Bensouda, découvrez la thérapie ShockWave qui sculpte votre silhouette et donne une onde de choc à votre cellulite

“Big news to the Centre Sofia Bensouda, discover the ShockWave therapy which sculptures the figure and gives a shock to cellulite”

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And there’s more. The magazine Grazia, in its Moroccan version, praises our technology by referring to the training day on 30th April.

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Judging from what has been written about us, it seems that the sign has been left!