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L'accesso alla visualizzazione dei contenuti di questa pagina
è riservato agli operatori del settore in ottemperanza alla legislazione vigente
(Decreto Legislativo 24 febbraio 1997, n.46).


Founded in 1983 in Pesaro, EME® has established itself over the years as a leading company in the production of electromedical products for physiotherapy, aesthetic medicine and aesthetics. All EME® technologies are the result of continuous research and a strong synergy between the internal Research and Development department, the real heart of the company, and specialists in the sector and institutions.

This allows us to offer more performing and innovative solutions and to update the existing ones, in order to offer the market 100% Made in Italy, cutting-edge and highly reliable products. Our products are currently distributed in over 60 countries worldwide and are globally recognized for quality and performances, so much that they have been chosen by sports teams, sports federations and high level clinics.

Anyway what matters more than numbers and references is the vision that has leaded us and inspired us for more than 30 years: “Improve people’s life, by offering everyone the opportunity to feel good with their body, in health and harmony”.

Every day we work hard for this: to guarantee concrete results for patients all over the world. We do this by offering our partners cutting-edge technologies and specific trainings to achieve the best possible results.

EME Lab: our philosopy

Our company philosophy is based on four important pillars:

Scientific research
Research and Development
Promotion and support
Education and Training

The interaction between these four elements allows us to increase our know-how and our ability to transfer it to the outside.

EME® is a reliable partner. One of our lifelong goals is to be a successful partner by offering a strong support in every pre- and after-sale step and by ensuring a quick return on the investment. We create a synergy with our partners, in order to be projected together towards a future which goes hand in hand with the market needs.

“A perfect synergy to increase our know-how and tranfer it to our partners.”

EME Estetica

For a beauty made of respect and balance.

Everyday we constantly work hard to examine and create new standards and methods to promote in the non-invasive aesthetic medicine field. Our ideal of beauty is made of respect of the figures and of balance. Our technologies are designed to enable the aesthetic doctor to work with high-quality standards and to the patient to enjoy great results.

Choosing EME Estetica means:

  1. Being partner of a company with more than 30 years of experience
  2. Becoming part of a R&D team which works passionately on every project, in collaboration with our scientific committee
  3. Having at your disposal efficient marketing tools
  4. Being able to rely on a specialized training
  5. Engaging with a flexible an dynamic company, always ready to assist you

Certifications and awards

All our technologies meet MDD 93/42/CEE medical directive requirements.

Our testimonial

Foil fencer Olympic champion in London 2012, both in individual and in team competitions, Elisa Di Francisca is one of the strongest Italian fencer ever. This is proven by the prosperous series of victories collected over the years: besides the already mentioned gold medal won in London 2012, Elisa conquered the gold medal in the 2013 Mediterranean Games and the silver medal in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. She also won the Fencing World Cup in 2011 and in 2015 and she was world champion for six times and european champion for ten times, both in individual and in team competitions.

Symbol of Italian spirit, or rather Marche region spirit, Elisa Di Francisca embodies the values in which we believe: attention to health, to welfare and to sport, as well as care of the body and natural beauty. For these reasons, we are proud to accompany her until Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

“EME and I share the same values: Italian spirit, care of the body to increase its performances and natural beauty. This is the reason why I’m proud to be their testimonial until Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games”.

Official suppliers

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