Is it hard to wear your favorite shoes during the summertime? When it’s hot you sweat more, this would suggest a decrease in body fluids but the reverse is true. The body retains as much liquid as possible in order to not dehydrate.

Swelling: causes and remedies
Edema is a heap of liquids of various kinds. They are concentrated in the intercellular spaces and tissues. It can concentrate in specific body district like a leg, or involve the whole body.

The equilibrium of the interstitial fluid is determined by the relationship between the hydrostatic pressure and the colloid-osmotic pressure. The first determines the discharge of liquids from the capillaries and it is balanced by colloid-osmotic pressure. If the hydrostatic pressure is no longer balanced, a lymphatic obstruction occurs, determing an accumulation of liquids (water retention) between the intercellular spaces and the tissues. Excess fluids, if not properly removed, can generate an accumulation in areas with a strong presence of fats (such as legs, buttocks and abdomen).

The consequences of water retention are:

  • swelling
  • alteration of the skin color
  • pain
  • stiffness of the joints

The main cause of water retention is a sedentary lifestyle. The first “pill” thing to do is a good fibers, fruits and vegetables diet. These foods increase intestinal motility, favoring the venous outflow at the abdominal level. The second “pill” thing to do is to mantain a proper hydration, not drinking alcool or too many coffees, this is the simplest and most effective solution. The third “pill” thing to do is proposed by EME with the Pressomass, a drainage device for massage and lymphatic drainage. It is made with a 9 sectors arranged in a herring bone pattern. It works on the body with a progressive increase in pressure, from the limbs towards the heart. It stimulates lymphatic and venous flow. In this way, it helps the body to absorb excess fluids in the subcutaneous tissue and increase diuresis.

With the use of EME Pressomass is possible to:

• Eliminate swelling of the legs and ankles
• Improve the circulation of upper and lower limbs
• Restore the correct lymphatic circulation
• Reduce water retention and cellulite blemishes