Over the years, our body tends to lose its elasticity and beauty that characterizes it, leading to a skin laxity difficult to eliminate.

Localized fat, cellulite, skin laxity, and water retention problems are widespread among women and, although in the minority, even among men. As it is well known, they may be the result of an unbalanced lifestyle or also the result of other factors such as aging or pregnancy.

How to do?

It is not secondary to say that proper nutrition and hydration accompanied by constant exercise help counteract the emergence of these problems but very often this is not enough.

Today more and more women rely on aesthetic technologies for the care of their body.

RIGENERA 3 is the branded equipment EME Aesthetics thought as the perfect combination to fight these problems simultaneously. The combination of sophisticated technologies such as laser, LED and radio frequency, also in synergy with a vacuum massage (vacuum pressure) has led to the creation of this new method which helps you to use every single potentiality of technology in order to obtain, with a single device, deeper and effective results, such as improving the production of collagen and microcirculation.


RIGENERA 3 is an innovative equipment and consists of two probes, a larger one for the treatment of the body, such as for body contouring and one smaller ideal for anti-aging treatment for the face, but also useful for the décolleté.

It was finally proved that the simultaneous use of these technologies is more performant on tissues compared to the single sequential use of each of them. The equipment has been tested for each treatment, obtaining excellent results from the first session.