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Medical pulsed light
Scopri di più!

Order Tramadol Online In Ohio, Order Tramadol Uk

Order Tramadol Online In Ohio, Order Tramadol Uk

Intense Pulsed Light is a technology that uses light energy for photoepilation and to treat in a fast, effective and painless way a wide range of face and body imperfections such as skin aging, discolorations, acne and couperose. The bright flash, emetted in spot, can act directly on skin or follicle, depending on the used filter.

IPL Med is certified CE 0476 for medical use.

5 different fields of action on face and body


420 nm filter

The infrared rays reach the follicles of the sebaceous gland, destroying the bacters responsible for porphyrin and the skin fungus which are considered the cause of acne and determining the narrowing of the inflamed sebaceous glands. This results in the healing of the pustules and in an improving of the aesthetic condition of the skin, regardless of the ongoing acne phase.

Skin ageing

515 nm filter (phototypes I-II)
570 nm filter (phototypes III-IV-V)

The dispensed light energy affect the collagen molecule, causing its denaturation with consequent fibroblasts activation (neocollagenesis).

Rosacea and teleangiectasias

530 nm filter

The light is absorbed by the haemoglobin in the blood vessels and converted in heat, causing the deterioration and so the vanishing of the blood vessel. In this way, the small capillaries are removed.

Hyperpigmentation and age spots

570 nm filter

The light energy is selectively absorbed, allowing the elimination of the melanin molecules responsible for skin hyperpigmentation.

Hirsutism and unwanted hair

610 nm filter (phototypes I-II)
630 nm filter (phototype III)
645 nm filter (phototypes IV-V)

The light beam penetrates the dermis and is absorbed, in a selective way, by the melanin in the hair follicle. The triggered mechanism, that is to say the selective photothermolysis process, makes sure that the light energy turns into thermal energy and provokes a high overheating only inside the hair follicle, causing the denaturation of the follicle and keeping the surrounding temperature unchanged. This process prevent the hair regrowth.

7 filters in one single probe

IPL Med is equipped with 7 interchangeable filters that allow the use of a single practical probe.

  • 420 nm 
  • 515 nm 
  • 530 nm
  • 570 nm
  • 610 nm 
  • 630 nm 
  • 645 nm

Before and After

Hair removal 4 – Treatment with Intense Pulsed Light Before
Hair removal 3 – Treatment with Intense Pulsed Light Before
Hair removal 2 – Treatment with Intense Pulsed Light Before
Hair removal – Treatment with Intense Pulsed Light Before
Acne 1 – Treatment with Intense Pulsed Light Before
Acne 2 – Treatment with Intense Pulsed Light Before

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