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Body shaping

Body shaping or body contouring: with aesthetic medicine it’s possible to reshape the silhouette in a non-invasive way.

What causes the disharmony of the figure?


Localized fat, that is to say the excessive accumulation of fat cells in certain areas such as hips, Coulotte de Cheval and abdomen.
This blemish has a varied aetiology, because it depends on intrinsic factors such as sex, age, genetic and hormones and on extrinsic factors such as physical activity, eating habits, alcohol consumption, etc.

It comes to gynoid and android obesity. Gynoid obesity, a typical feminine disease, is characterised by the fat accumulation in the lower half of the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Android obesity, a typical masculine disease, is characterised, instead, by fat accumulation in the abdominal, thoracic and dorsal regions.


Cellulitis blemishes caused by venous lymphatic suffering.

The term “cellulitis” define a particular morphological condition, caused by an alteration in the venous lymphatic flow: this is a real disease of the connective tissue. When blood and lymph undergo a deceleration, they don’t have the necessary push to remove the waste substances. This kind of slag, when accumulated, forms real deposits in the subdermis, altering the morphological structure.

With EME Derma technologies you can reshape your silhouette and lose centimeters in the circumferences, in a painless and non-invasive way.

Before and after

Body shaping – Treatment with cavitation Before
Body shaping – Treatment with cavitation After

Treatment with CAVITATION

Body shaping 2 – Treatment with cavitation Before
Body shaping 2 – Treatment with cavitation After

Treatment with CAVITATION

Body shaping 3 – Treatment with cavitation Before
Body shaping 3 – Treatment with cavitation After

Treatment with CAVITATION

Body shaping 4 – Treatment with cavitation Before
Body shaping 4 – Treatment with cavitation After

Treatment with CAVITATION

Body shaping 5 – Treatment with cavitation Before
Body shaping 5 – Treatment with cavitation After

Treatment with CAVITATION

Body shaping 6 – Treatment with acoustic wave Before
Body shaping 6 – Treatment with acoustic wave After

Treatment with ACOUSTIC WAVE

Body shaping 7 – Treatment with acoustic wave Before
Body shaping 7 – Treatment with acoustic wave After

Treatment with ACOUSTIC WAVE

Body shaping 8 – Treatment with acoustic wave Before
Body shaping 8 – Treatment with acoustic wave After

Treatment with ACOUSTIC WAVE

Recommended technologies




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