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Permanent hair removal

Unwanted hair certainly represents the most common aesthetic beauty problem between women, but in the last few years a lot of men too included this in their beauty routine.

The advantages of permanent hair removal have now been recognized.
Permanent hair removal allows you to remove unwanted hair in an effective and targeted way, with a significant economic and time savings comparing to traditional methods, with undoubtedly better results.

Through the thermolysis process the hair follicle denatures, causing the interruption of the hair growth cycle. In just a few sessions, you can assist a considerable progressive decrease of hair.

For this reason, every year, millions of people decide to undergo a permanent hair removal treatment. However, there are some cases in which this treatment could be even more important.

Tramadol With Paypal, Cheap Tramadol Fedex Overnight

Hirsutism is an exclusively feminine condition, characterised by the anomalous presence of terminal hair in areas where normally it’s absent.


Hypertrichosis is also an exclusively feminine condition, but characterised by an increase of terminal hair in areas where normally it’s present.


Another annoying situation, but in this case non-pathological, is represented by ingrown hair. This is a blemish often caused by frequent waxings and shavings, in which the follicular ostium is inhibited and doesn’t allow the normal development of the hair. This condition can turn into folliculitis, that is to say real inflammation of hair follicles.

EME Estetica technologies allows permanent hair removal treatments in a fast, effective and painless way.

Before and after

Hair removal 8 – Treatment with diode laser Before
Hair removal 8 – Treatment with diode laser After

Treatment with DIODE LASER

Hair removal 7 – Treatment with diode laser Before
Hair removal 7 – Treatment with diode laser After

Treatment with DIODE LASER

Hair removal 6 – Treatment with diode laser Before
Hair removal 6 – Treatment with diode laser After

Treatment with DIODE LASER

Hair removal 5 – Treatment with diode laser Before
Hair removal 5 – Treatment with diode laser After

Treatment with DIODE LASER

Hair removal – Treatment with Intense Pulsed Light Before
Hair removal – Treatment with Intense Pulsed Light After


Hair removal 2 – Treatment with Intense Pulsed Light Before
Hair removal 2 – Treatment with Intense Pulsed Light After


Hair removal 3 – Treatment with Intense Pulsed Light Before
Hair removal 3 – Treatment with Intense Pulsed Light After


Hair removal 4 – Treatment with Intense Pulsed Light Before
Hair removal 4 – Treatment with Intense Pulsed Light After


Recommended technologies



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