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Wrinkles are the visibles ravages of time. Somebody accepts and loves them because they’re the proof of his experience, while the majority of people consider them as a real problem.

The formation of wrinkles is a natural process that can get worse because of internal and external factors, such as poor diet, smoke and hormonal changes.

As the years go by, there are changes occurring at the microcirculatory level: the quantity of blood, of oxygen and of nutrients carried by the cells decreases, with the consequent reduction of the production of collagen and elastin. The number of fibroblasts too drops and their reproductive capacity slows down. Think that from the age of 25 we observe a decrease of the production of collagen amounting to approximately 1,5% per year. The oxidative stress too, that is to say the improving of the production of free radical, contributes to the acceleration of the normal skin ageing.

There are non-invasive methods to slow down the ageing process, smooth wrinkles and tone up the skin, such as Radiofrequency, Intense Pulsed Light and Lasertherapy.

Before and after

Rejuvenation 6 – Treatment with Rigenera 3 Before
Rejuvenation 6 – Treatment with Rigenera 3 After

Treatment with RIGENERA 3

Rejuvenation 5 – Treatment with Rigenera 3 Before
Rejuvenation 5 – Treatment with Rigenera 3 After

Treatment with RIGENERA 3

Rejuvenation – Treatment with radiofrequency Before
Rejuvenation – Treatment with radiofrequency After


Rejuvenation 2 – Treatment with radiofrequency Before
Rejuvenation 2 – Treatment with radiofrequency After


Rejuvenation 4 – Treatment with Rigenera 3 Before
Rejuvenation 4 – Treatment with Rigenera 3 After

Treatment with RIGENERA 3

Rejuvenation 3 – Treatment with radiofrequency Before
Rejuvenation 3 – Treatment with radiofrequency After


Recommended technologies





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