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Tattoo removal

Tattoos are a form of art, a really ancient form of language which apparently never goes out of style. Statistics tell us that in Italy there are approximately 7 millions of tattoed people, mostly women which chose to get tattoed from 25 to 35 years old. Approximately the same percentage of Europe, which can count 60 millions of tattoed people. A growing number, but low if we consider other countries like USA and Canada.

tattoo removal eme derma

How many regret to have gotten a tattoo?

The percentage varies from 11% to 18% in the different countries.

tattoo removal procedures

What are the reasons why “repent people” ask for tattos removal?

Between the most common reasons, there are:

  • Job: to take part in competitive exams to join the Army or Special Forces such as Financial Police and Carabinieri.
  • Love: to remove tattoes with their exes names
  • The tattoo quality: to remedy a tattoo that has faded with the passing of the years
  • Cover up: to realize a new tattoo over an already exixting one.

“The tattoo removal market has been valued in 2016 at 11,614 millions dollars and, according to the forecasts, it should reach 27,317 millions dollars in 2023”.

Before and after

Tattoo removal 2 – Treatment with Vega QS Before
Tattoo removal 2 – Treatment with Vega QS After

Treatment with VEGA QS

Tattoo removal – Treatment with Vega QS Before
Tattoo removal – Treatment with Vega QS After

Treatment with VEGA QS

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