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è riservato agli operatori del settore in ottemperanza alla legislazione vigente
(Decreto Legislativo 24 febbraio 1997, n.46).

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Acne treatment

Acne is a pilosebaceous follicle disease, responsible for the occurence of non-inflammatory lesions, such as comedones, or inflammatory lesions, such as papules, pustules, nodules and cysts.

It is caused by an excessive sebum and keratin production in the hair follicle, which can be infected by bacterias, and can also be caused by internal factors, such as stress, gynecological disorders and hormonal issues, and external factors, such as some kind of drugs consumption.

It is a chronic and relapsed disease which mainly, but not exclusively, affects teenagers.

It is possible to treat acne in a non-invasive way through the light energy of Intense Pulsed Light and of Lasers.

The light energy deeply penetrates and reaches the follicles of the sebaceous gland. In this way, it’s able to destroy the bacters responsible for porphyrin and the skin fungus which are considered the cause of acne, in order to gradually narrow the inflamed sebaceous glands.

Before and after

Acne 1 – Treatment with Intense Pulsed Light Before
Acne 1 – Treatment with Intense Pulsed Light After


Acne 2 – Treatment with Intense Pulsed Light Before
Acne 2 – Treatment with Intense Pulsed Light After


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